About Melbourne Transport Alexa Skill

What it is

Melbourne Transport Alexa Skill provides Melbourne transport information for any Alexa enabled device.
You can retrieve departures for:

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Tram
Checkout the Ask Alexa section for more details of what you can ask.

The application accesses the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) APIs, but we are not affiliated.

What's New

Add the following Alexa Skill from the Catalog: "Melbourne Transport":

You can now retrieve Melbourne Transport Departures using Slack.
Click on the button "Add to Slack". Once the bot is added to your Slack account, you can simply chat with the user @melbourne_transport.
A good start is saying Hi :) Add to Slack

Ask Alexa

Click on the images below to learn how to interact with the Melbourne Transport Alexa Skill.

Train Departures

Next train and scheduled departures.

Tram Departures

Next tram departures.

Bus Departures

Next bus departures.

Train Station Facilities

Get to know the facilities.


Last journey, manage favourites.


Your location and nearby stops.

Feedback and Suggestions

Please provide your feedback. Any issues or feature requests using this form. The information provided in this form will not be published nor shared; the intention is to provide a direct communication between yourself and myself.

I usually respond within 24 hours, and will do my best to provide a good user experience for the Melbourne Transport Alexa Skill.

I would also appreciate if you could rate the app here: https://www.amazon.com/Fabio-Douek-Melbourne-Transport/dp/B01IW0R8MM